The all-in-one hotel management system to grow your business

Front Desk

Professional hotel property management system

Channel Manager

Will help you to manage prices and allotment at OTAs

Booking Engine

For website and social networks automates functions

Internet Acquiring

Adding online payments on the booking engine within couple of minutes

Google Analytics

Learn your booking engine visitors behaviour

House Keeping

Manage and automate tasks of maids and other staff

Wi-Fi Manager

Limit your network for authorized guests only


Request reviews from your guest, manage OTAs' reviews, and publish them at Booking Engine

OtelMS Front Desk

OtelMS Front Desk – professional hotel property management system (PMS). You can automate many business processes that have taken a lot of your time and attention of the staff before. PMS system for hotellet you concentrate on key points of your business and solve the most important tasks to enhance its effectiveness and increase the income. Moreover, you will be able to run your business from any device anywhere in the world because our program is always accessible online.

  1. receptionist
  2. reporting
  3. starting guest history
  4. rate management
  5. room management

Channel Manager OtelMS

Competent organization of the accommodation facility interaction with these channels is a laborious process that requires maximum attention and time from personnel. Vacated places identification and their selling, timely discontinuation of sale of already booked rooms, control of changes in services rates, as well as changes in accommodation categories – the work associated with the risk of overbooking or the room unoccupied period. Such risks increase all the more when you interact with several similar online resources, and these tasks fall on the shoulders of the personnel.

  1. increase sale by 20% in less then half a year
  2. automates the updating of prices
  3. all available rooms are available on sale
  4. doesn’t allows overbooking
  5. provides synchronization with online travel agencies

Online Booking Engine

Today, availability of own Internet resource has become a prerequisite modern hotel facility functioning. However, the very fact of the hotel website existence does not ensure the relevance and profitability of the business, and as for the attempts to promote the resource on social networks, they can often face numerous restrictions of certain platforms.

  1. increase direct sale from hotel website by 30%
  2. suitable for any website, FB.
  3. storing guest history
  4. interacts with online travel agencies
  5. allows you to accept payment by credit card
  6. works without commission

Website Development

Do you want to get clients directly and not to pay a fee to mediators? Accommodation website development, equipped with booking modules, would enable to do it. While looking for information on a popular portal, many people like to click on the link to go to the hotel website and book a hotel room there.

  1. sell rooms
  2. customer oriented
  3. adaptive for mobile devices
  4. comply with modern design trends
  5. contain an on-line booking system

Internet Acquiring

OtelMS provides the Internet Acquiring service, which will allow you to accept payment by bank cards online from your website or through social networks (Facebook). In modern business, more and more customers pay for services, including for accommodation, online. Therefore, such a service will not only bring you additional income, but also increase customer loyalty.

  1. increase income by 20%
  2. the most attractive rates
  3. integration with the website and social networks – for free
  4. refund to the guest without commission
  5. payment is immediately displayed in the system


The solution from the developers of HMS OtelMS – the Housekeeping module is a real salvation for the manager, allowing him to simultaneously control the work of each employee.

  1. makes it possible to set tasks for the accommodation service staff
  2. helps track the status of the task
  3. separate access for the maids with the ability to mark completed tasks
  4. and other useful features

Wifi Authorization

The WiFi Manager module is a modern solution of the OtelMS system for wireless networks, the advertising and analytical capabilities of which allow you to effectively work with the target audience.


Reputation module

In the modern “digital” world, the online reputation of the hotel comes first, and how the Internet “speaks” about the brand will depend on its demand among the target audience. Therefore, effective control over the impact of customer reviews on the hotel’s reputation and timely work with negative comments directly determine the profitability of the enterprise.


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