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Today, availability of own Internet resource has become a prerequisite modern hotel facility functioning. However, the very fact of the hotel website existence does not ensure the relevance and profitability of the business, and as for the attempts to promote the resource on social networks, they can often face numerous restrictions of certain platforms.
In order to bring an effective return on using your facility website, maximizing the prosperity of the accommodation place, it is necessary to automate its work by means of special booking system for hotels, significantly increasing the potential and capabilities of your business.
At present, such state-of-the-art sophisticated technologies not only allow automating many routine work processes, but also provide the consumer with high-quality online service, increasing customer loyalty and increasing the number of direct sales of room stock and services.
For example, the professional software of the well-known OtelMS company offers its customers synchronization of the online resource of a facility with the relevant hotel reservation engines, automatic updating of information on the stock and rates, ensuring the sale of all vacated rooms, including diversified work with accommodation and services pricing (introduction promotional prices and promotional codes).

Software for hotel reservation system

Installed on any website or social network quickly and without extra complications, this software does not require other configurations, has an intuitive interface and works on any modern gadget that has access to the world wide web. Constant updating of the reservation system makes it possible for the software for hotel reservation system to remain an effective service giving endless opportunities of instant online purchase of rooms by guests “directly” from the accommodation place resource or immediately via a social network.
By providing this payment booking`s option, this popular online hotel booking engines increases direct sales by 20-30% in the first six months. A special module, automatically controlling the sale of vacant rooms or beds, excludes errors, and therefore customer claims. Ease of ordering rooms saves time – both staff’s and guests’ – which positively affects brand credibility and customer loyalty of the target audience.
Designed by hoteliers who understand the pressing challenges of this kind of business, the modern hotel booking engine software OtelMS is a comprehensive yet versatile solution suitable for any type of guest accommodation business. The service is designed so as to work perfectly with various types of hospitality industry objects, such as large and small guest houses, motels, sanatoriums, camping grounds, hostels, hotels, private apartments or large hotel chains.

The booking engine per hotel website is easy to install and convenient to use, and you will quickly see its effectiveness.

Automatic sale of rooms

Convenience for your guests

Increase in sales

What you will get:

  1. the ability to sell hotel rooms online directly from your site, from social networks
  2. 30% increase in direct sales from the hotel website
  3. the ability to accept payment for booking online
  4. significant time savings
  5. increasing trust and customer’s loyalty.


  1. booking management module synchronizes with the HMS OtelMS and reservation channels
  2. sale of all available rooms only
  3. the ability to set promotions, promotional codes
  4. profitable price of hotel booking engine
  5. 0% commission for the module work
  6. quick and easy installation on any site, Facebook, other social networks
  7. our booking engines of hotel are work on any device with access to the internet
  8. constantly updated, you will always be one step ahead of!
Online booking module

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