Hostel automation system

The popularity of hostels is largely determined by its positioning as one of the budget accommodation, which is why the price is a decisive factor. However, to ensure a hostel remains profitable with its low prices, it is needed to pay attention to cost reduction and at the same time to increase the occupancy of the hostel.

Only an effective hostel management information system for automation of the routine processes can keep a hostel profitable with its low prices.

What does the hostel automation give?

If you keep the information about available and occupied hostel rooms in separate programs or in spreadsheets, then you spend a lot of time for each guest. Simple hostel MS (management system) is better to automate the process and perform many functions without the participation of the staff.
Special settings of the existing automated hostel management system allow you to work not only with hostel rooms but also with a separate place in a room. By automating a hostel, it is possible to sell all available hostel places via a number of popular booking channels, on your website or social networks without wasting time. The hostel system proposal: automated reports and statistics data help to set up pricing policy for every season and provide special offers for the clients.
In a month, you will get significant results and refuse to work in a manual mode.

Automates routine tasks

Saves time and reduces costs

Increases hotel loading and profit

Hostel management system OtelMS

Proven, useful, reliable.
Free demo-version for 30 days with a full set of functions will allow you to appreciate the convenience of hotel management software solutions in practice.

The usual problems of a hostel

  • idle hostel rooms for fear of overbooking;
  • overlap or loss of applications that lead to a big mix-up and waste of time;
  • prolonged time for any operation;
  • misbehavior by the staff, circumventing the rules and omitting a cash register;
  • forced tariff reduction that leads to a potential shortfall in income;
  • less control, it is impossible to see the big picture.

Hostel automation system solves all these problems

You will not worry about idle hostel rooms and extra costs because hostel management system homepage is possible to monitor the hostel work from any place in the world and delegate the tasks to the staff.
Our hostel administration system is worth the price we are asking; otherwise, the value of unnecessary cots and lost profits is higher. Moreover, in OtelMS system you can always choose the tariff and services you need.

The complex program involves the following online hostel management system modules:


The main system manages hotel stock, services, tariffs, payments, automates most of routine tasks, and generates the reports.

Channel manager

It runs the channels of external sales, carries the information on available hotel rooms and prices.

Booking engine

It allows to place online booking on any site and in social networks, syncs up to the main system.

Hotel website

Create hotel website with the function of online booking with adaptive design and convenient management.

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