The Story of OtelMS

The history of OtelMS begins with solving the same problems that many hoteliers continue to face today. Our management had several hotels with over 200 rooms, which means taking into account many bookings, additional services and fees, working with various agents and intermediaries, interacting with online sales channels, travel agencies, tour operators and many other tasks. A lot of hours, nerves and resources that are spent on their decision. Therefore, process optimization has become for us one of the most important goals.

We have carefully studied all the solutions available on the market for optimizing the hotel’s operation, tried several of them, and regretfully found that there is no system that meets our requirements on the market. Some were too expensive, others focused on foreign hotels, not taking into account the realities of the post-Soviet space.

Our Mission

The only optimal solution for us was to develop our own system that meets all our requirements. Thus, the first version of OtelMS was born – an effective cloud system that allowed you to manage the hotel via the Internet from any device and from anywhere in the world.

Our hotels have become a platform for testing, honing the system, constantly improving it and adding the most important functions for hoteliers. The experience of using the system in our hotels allowed us to make the system really convenient and efficient, and we realized that such a product could be useful not only for us, but also for our hotel colleagues.

OtelMS partners

In March 2013, we established OtelMS and opened access to the system for our first customers, primarily small and medium-sized hotels. Affordable price and focus on our market has enabled the automation of processes to those hoteliers who could not afford expensive foreign solutions.

Despite the instant success of the product, we continued to develop it, using now not only our experience, but also the experience and wishes of our customers. A new, efficient, convenient and affordable system has allowed us to enter the market of many countries around the world and earn the trust of thousands of customers.

In 2016, one of the most well-known and popular booking sites BOOKING.COM recognized us as its preferred partner.

The Story of OtleMS

2017 began with the launch of a new service – the creation of professional sites for hotels. Then we release a new release of the system – OtelMS HMS v 2.0, in which many wishes of our customers were taken into account. This year we have significantly expanded our presence in Europe by entering the markets of such large countries as Germany, the Czech Republic, Finland, Belgium, Turkey, Slovakia and many others.

We are sure that this is only the beginning and there are new achievements ahead. We work so that our clients manage their business as efficiently as possible and devote their precious time to really important things – to their hotel and guests.