Hotel PMS and Channel manager: easy synchronization

The PMS system is a special software that helps to coordinate everyday working processes in a hotel business. The use of this hotel PMS, channel manager, booking engine automates, streamlines and improves the work of a hotel in such important undertakings as:

  • the work of reception;
  • hotel room booking process;
  • stock taking activities;
  • service tariff changes;
  • clients history storage;
  • compilation of reported forms.

Avoiding human mistakes, channel manager and PMS system allows taking into account necessary nuances of work, coordinating your business remotely and delegating the tasks to the staff. The clients who have already reserved the hotel rooms without experiencing the problem of overbooking will appreciate the convenience of work with this system.

Systematic use of PMS and a channel manager makes this internet resource available for guests and boosts the popularity of a point of accommodation among target audience. These hotel PMS, channel manager, booking engine are suited for any object of a hotel industry like a hotel, hostel, sanatorium or holiday home.

Channel manager is also an important element of automation of modern hotels. This is hotel PMS and channel manager synchronization with all OTA sales channels. Therefore, with the help of property management system and channel manager you have an increase in sales of hotel rooms from your site and available rooms become more accessible for potential clients.

Thus, channel manager controls and changes the service tariffs and ranks of hotel rooms automatically. These changes take place immediately on all the sales channels used by a hotel site. Integration of PMS, channel manager in, TVIL, Expediaand other popular OTA, helps to avoid double booking or have idle hotel rooms.

Integration of channel manager and PMS system by OtelMS Company are the most popular components for automation of hotels. These universal programs can be used with other software and begin to yield tangible financial results during the first half of a year when using them.