Hotel software development

70% of all hotel bookings in the world are made online today. This fact determines the role of reliable hotel software development. Although in hotel software price may be higher, but it is not worth saving on.

Large and small hotels, hostels and hotel chains will not be able to advertise and sell their services effectively in our days, without the help of hotel management system. In addition, the level of effectiveness of monitoring the operation of the placement point, provided by professional hotel analytics software is higher than the indicators that a person can demonstrate.

To make the right decision, compare hotels software products cost and consider all the benefits that your business will receive after automation with modern hotel operations software.


  • formation of all necessary reports and collection of key indicators of all aspects of the hotel in time;
  • removal of excessive workloads on the staff, that helps to increase the level of service;
  • the ability to manage your business remotely, from anywhere in the world;
  • quickly receive the information about situations arising in the process of work;
  • for guests: the ability to find easily your site and to book rooms conveniently;
  • the elimination of such unpleasant situations as overbooking or problems with available hotel rooms that you have forgotten to put up for sale.

Hotel business software has ability to install additional equipment and application programs, which ensures their quick and timely updating, for maximum efficiency. When you are looking for hotel easy software for computer or other mobile gadget, pay your attention to OtelMS hotel software sales. As OtelMS is a producing hotel software, company it takes into account own successful experience as a hotelier. So, if a hotel uses software by OtelMS, the number of direct sales will increased by 15-20% in the first six months. OtelMS software is suitable for automation of hotels, hotel group, hostels, resorts, holiday homes, private rental apartments, or hotel chains. Today, over a thousand hotel facilities, which are located in different parts of the Earth have proved its effectiveness.