Housekeeping module


The specifics of the work of the hotel staff requires increased attention and effort from its management, which goes into planning and ensuring work processes, calculations for the placement of workers in certain areas, quality control, work timing management, and much more.
Housekeeping is one of the most responsible aspects of a hotel’s work, associated with close contact with the guests and their personal space. It is precisely the reasons of the incorrect behavior of the accommodation service employees or the quality of cleaning that didn’t suit the guest that lead in the ranking of problems that can seriously damage the reputation of even reputable hotel chain giants.
The solution from the developers of HMS OtelMS – the Housekeeping module is a real salvation for the manager, allowing him to simultaneously control the work of each employee.
This software is easy to use and manage:

  • makes it possible to set tasks for the accommodation service staff
  • helps track the status of the task
  • separate access for the maids with the ability to mark completed tasks
  • and other useful features

Controlling the staff remotely, thanks to the individual registration data of employees in the management system, the manager can not only constantly monitor the situation, but also cancel the access of employees if necessary.
Provide your business with:

  • actual optimization of the enterprise entire work
  • promptness and timeliness of obtaining the necessary information
  • fast efficiency of software use in work

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