Software Registrar of Settlement Operations

Software Registrar of Settlement Operations

The service of integrating the control system with Software Registrar of Settlement Operations is a reliable solution from the Company’s developers. With the help of this service, you will be able to conduct your business as “transparently” as possible, without worrying about the violation of many legal requirements and the risks of receiving high amounts of fines.

Our service provides integration of the management system with one of the most popular providers of Software Registrar of Settlement Operations – the Checkbox platform, offering significant cost savings by automating transactions, controlling their fiscal accounting and ensuring the timely sending of the necessary reports to the control authorities.

By using this service you will receive:

  • regular analysis of transaction information;
  • the ability to work with “openings” and “closings” of fiscal adjustments;
  • ready-made Z-type reports generated after the end of the work shift in the Checkbox office;
  • 100% timely sending of reports and transaction data to the tax service and other government agencies.

The process of creating an integration takes quite a bit of time, and thanks to simple navigation and user-friendly functionality, understanding the operation of the service is intuitive. All issues related to connecting Checkbox accounts created by users to the management system will be resolved by our Company’s technical support employee. The integration will allow you to make and control any financial payments remotely.

To register in the Checkbox follow the link

After registering, contact our technical support through your account in the management system.

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