Online hotel channel manager

Selling hotel rooms is the main activity of the hotel industry. This process is time consuming and is characterized by the most common mistakes in this work.

However, today it is possible to sell your hotel rooms easily through various popular sales channels without spending a lot of time and eliminating the risks of overbooking or downtime of available rooms.

OtelMS online hotel channel manager provides quick integration of your hotel website with relevant sales channels such as,, airbnb, expedia, hrs and other OTA. This channel manager – hotel net solutions guarantees you convenient work with more than forty of the most popular online booking resources. Now, the hotel stock of your point of accommodation is available for your guests without unnecessary specifying calls and online channel manager changes information about it automatically on sales channels which are used.

It doesn’t matter whether you conduct your business in a hotel, sanatorium, hostel or a number of apartments for rent: the universal OtelMS OTA channel manager will reliably ensure the sale of the room stock of any accommodation facility.

Interaction with several sites, timely putting up for sale vacant hotel rooms, tariff changes and control, excluding overbooking, is a labor-intensive process that takes a lot of time and personnel’s attention. It is not a secret that such work with 20 or more sales channels takes half-day and threatens to make various errors that are common to the “human factor”.

Using the channel manager online booking by OtelMS will allow you to:

  • have wise time management;
  • eliminate personnel’s errors that are possible in such a responsible work;
  • focus on other important issues of work and business;
  • automatically update information about available rooms and tariffs;
  • effectively interact with more than 40 popular sales channels;
  • increase the number of sales of hotel rooms.

Try our channel manager and see if it’s effective for your business!