OtelMS Front Desk – professional hotel property management system (PMS). You can automate many business processes that have taken a lot of your time and attention of the staff before. PMS system for hotellet you concentrate on key points of your business and solve the most important tasks to enhance its effectiveness and increase the income. Moreover, you will be able to run your business from any device anywhere in the world because our program is always accessible online. OtelMS PMS property management system is suitable for hotels, sanatoriums, hostels and any placement point.

And so, our hotel front desk property management systemlet you automate the following business processes and functions:

  • receptionist;
  • online booking;
  • inventory;
  • rate schedule;
  • storage of clients’ history;
  • reporting.

The main element of PMS front desk for hotel is “chess board” registration table, which consists of a calendar and a category of hotel rooms that can be opened for work with each separate room. Visual reports on availability let you easily get the information on the rooms available and book a hotel room for desirable period. You can make a reservation for a group of two or more people that arrive together.

General taskbar let you get the information about the state of affairs at the hotel: checks-in and checks out that have been planned, guests who are staying in a hotel and possible mistakes made by the manager (overdue reservation or missed check out). It is important that while using PMS hotel property management system you avoid the mistakes, which a person can make, because of automation of routine operations, reminders and clues, convenient step by step patterns.

The property management system of hotel can control all the data on the hotel, edit the hotel stock, changes in tariffs, additional services in a room, find a guest by name or by calling number. PMS system for hotels let you set up all the details including special conditions for guests with the children, additional beds, limits for each category of hotel rooms when selling online, close some hotel rooms (for example, for technical servicing) and many others.

The price for any category of the rooms can be changed with a few mouse clicks with the help of PMS system. This information will be downloaded on your site and booking modules, the data of available rooms will also be there.

History of booking process changes and total actions logging give the opportunity to control everything that happens in the system. Nothing disappears without a trace, you can look through the cancelled booking and the refund of payment in advance.

The information on the hotel will be accumulated in different reports (demographic, financial reports, the audit of the staff, the assessment of the work in a hotel). PMS front desk for hotel allows finding statistics and traditional reports about the effectiveness of the hotel work (ADR, RevPAR) for any period and compare it with the previous one.

Let us cut your costs with OtelMS PMS hotel management system!

Forget about routine work

Focus on customers

Increase your income


  • saving time for a manager;
  • avoiding mistakes made by a person;
  • cut in the price of services;
  • building up the database of guests;
  • forms of strict accountability;
  • statistics and reports about effectiveness of hotel work;
  • possibility to learn about the state of affairs at a hotel from any place in the world;
  • successful pricing policy.


  • multifunctional system that integrates with other services;
  • reliability, safety, security of your dat;
  • flexibility customization and consideration of individual features of your hotel;
  • simple, convenient and intuitive interface in your language;
  • logging of each operation, to save information in the system;
  • free updating;
  • friendly tech support in rapid access;
  • favorable price.