Professional PMS Hotel Management System

Property management systems for hotels (PMS)

The use of high technologies in most spheres of modern life and human activities necessitates the most competent “digitization” of businesses that provide services in various areas. The hotel business was not exception, and many accommodation facilities have already made sure that the size of their profit is directly linked to the level of their own digitalization of business and workflow management.
Today’s efficient software developed by OtelMS is a comprehensive and simple solution to most problems in real estate management. Using the Company’s long-term successful experience in managing various hotel property, the OtelMS developers have created a secure “cloud” service that makes it possible to monitor and manage a variety of guest accommodation facilities. This Property management systems for hotels automates numerous operations, releasing staff from routine, excluding the unreliable “human factor” and allowing the facility’s services to focus as much as possible on their guests’ wishes and needs.

PMS hotel system

Just imagine how long it is going to take to solve the pressing issues of your business, increasing its efficiency and profitability, if you fully automate such key aspects of the facility’s operation as:

  1. Front office work;
  2. Remote booking related processes;
  3. Management and control over the hotel room capacity status;
  4. Analysis and management of rates relevance, including information posted on OTA resources;
  5. Processes of formation and storage of the necessary reporting, including the stories of your guests;
  6. Control of utility costs and analysis of their reduction.

An important factor is that the OtelMS PMS hotel system is easy to use. The main working element of the system is “chequer-work”, consisting of rooms categories and the calendar, is recognizable and intuitive to everyone who has filled out the table at least once. Working with the “chequer-work”, the user can “open” each room separately, adding all the necessary information about the guest and their accommodation to the appropriate sections of the menu.

The wide functionality of the toolbar of our service helps in efficiently solving daily tasks, providing information on planned arrivals or departures and guests staying on request, identifying such errors as overdue bookings or missed departures. As a useful tool, PMS hotel software easily processes all information about the facility, updates its stock, compiles a price list and additional room services, and also finds visitors by phone number or name.

Property management software for hotels makes it possible to effectively manage rates, changing the cost of rooms in any category and instantly uploading updated data on available rooms to the resources of booking channels, automatically generates the necessary reports (financial, demographic), analyses ADR and RevPAR statistics data for any selected period of work.
Using hotel property management software will let you:

  1. use a number of other services you need without any issues;
  2. provide your customers with convenient technical assistance;
  3. establish a competitive pricing policy;
  4. provide security and reliability of information, and reliable data storage;
  5. use the analysis of statistical data on certain hotel services operation, affecting the flexibility of personalization.
Just imagine how long it is going to take to solve the pressing issues of your business, increasing its efficiency and profitability, if you fully automate such key aspects of the facility’s operation as:

Forget about routine work

Focus on customers

Increase your income

What will you get

  1. saving time for a manager
  2. avoiding mistakes made by a person
  3. cut in the price of services
  4. building up the database of guests
  5. forms of strict accountability
  6. successful pricing policy.
  7. possibility to learn about the state of affairs at a hotel from any place in the world
  8. statistics and reports about effectiveness of hotel work


  1. free updating
  2. favorable price.
  3. friendly tech support in rapid access
  4. reliability, safety, security of your dat
  5. multifunctional system that integrates with other services
  6. simple, convenient and intuitive interface in your language
  7. logging of each operation, to save information in the system
  8. flexibility customization and consideration of individual features of your hotel


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