PMS system: hotel booking & front desk solutions

Modernization of a hotel business is not a modern trend any more, it is “a must be” for representatives of this direction who want to build up and generate their businesses.

Having an access to the Internet, contemporary hotel service providers have got an ultimatum issued by the booking and sales system – to be online round the clock if you want to be demanded.

Thus, it requires not only to have a company resource, but to provide a communication of a buyer with a seller in a distance, in order to get a whole spectrum of opportunities of the modern world.

Automation of the accommodation with the help of OtelMS front desk booking software means an integral approach to all aspects of work in a hotel business, including the possibility to book a room and check-in the guests on” the front desk” of a hotel.

PMS booking engine

The most important function in upgrading of a hotel business is the opportunity for potential clients to book hotel rooms, staying at a distance. The convenience and safety of booking is provided by a special service in the popular OtelMS hotel management systems, PMS hotel booking system that allows carrying out similar operations.

Being synchronized with many additional applications and special resources, property management software hotel booking provides current information on a hotel room capacity that is reflected on OTA resources. It allows to increase the number of direct sales at a hotel, avoiding the problem of overbooking.

Using the Internet- acquiring, OtelMS hotel booking module performs calculations and payments for hotel services.  it is safe, so it is required by the target audience. In addition, manual booking system in front office allows to configure online booking in accordance with client and pricing policies of a hotel.

PMS system hotel booking is not only convenient for clients, but it also helps to have a better control of hotel service sales and increases the service speed at the reception desk.

Front desk booking system

Online booking process is directly connected with many hotel services. OtelMS PMS booking system operates in harmony with the other applications that help front desk service.

Hotel property management systems online booking engines maintain an inventory of hotel rooms and send the information to the managers at a reception desk. While working with “a chessboard”, a manager can see the rooms that are available or those which are occupied together with the dates of booking.

Front desk online booking system enables the receptionists to make any necessary changes at the reception desk, it is very comfortable for the work of the staff and the guests do not have to wait for a long time there. OtelMS front desk system is equipped with the interface, which has many additional functions and fully provides check-in of the guests.

The importance of online booking system for property management

The importance of booking system for property management of a hotel cannot be overemphasized. For modern hotel business these systems provide loyalty of the guests who have got a chance to evaluate the reliability and comfort of online booking. For example, such software from OtelMS is able to help analyze your business and identify any weaknesses in its work. It is possible to do it because of synchronized work of the front office booking systems with the other services that allow to manage the process of work and correct it if it is necessary.