Hotel administrator software

One of the most responsible positions in the hotel business is the hotel administrator. In addition to the fact that such an employee is the first to meet guests, becoming for them a kind of “face of the hotel”, settling in rooms and advising on the rules of staying at the point of accommodation, the administrator is responsible for monitoring certain actions of employees and distributing tasks for them.

Checking the status of cleaning processes, the procedure for checking in and checking out guests, along with registering them and carrying out mutual settlements, booking rooms for clients and resolving conflict situations – this is not a complete list of tasks that, as a rule, are included in the daily duties of a hotel administrator.

Of course, with such a busy work schedule, and even more so, in the event of various force majeure situations that “break” the planned schedule, anyone, even the most attentive employee, is at risk of making mistakes. However, errors and shortcomings in the work of the administrator are just one of the most undesirable for the property. It is these mistakes that have the most negative impact on the hotel’s reputation, its attendance ratings, and, therefore, on the final financial result.

To eliminate the possibility of such incidents, the management carried out by the administrator can be automated using programs for the hotel administrator.

By equipping the hotel with such a service, it will be possible to remove the extra burden from the administrator, entrusting the program to register guests, calculate and change rates, generate reports and guest stories – all those painstaking and, in many ways, routine actions, in the implementation of which a person makes mistakes most often. Now the reputation of your hotel will not be threatened, for example, by overbooking, and all available rooms will be displayed ready for sale on time, excluding downtime and loss of profit.

Programs for automating the work of a hotel administrator will perfectly cope with changes in rates for services of an accommodation point, not only recalculating them according to the input data, but also instantly displaying all changes on all sales channels that the hotel uses.

In addition, the program for the hotel administrator accumulates a variety of information about the work of the hotel, providing it on demand in the form of various reports. Financial and demographic reports, work analysis and personnel audit, assessment of overall business performance, as well as other necessary statistics and traditional ADR and RevPAR reports, will become available with its help at any time for any time period.

PMS administrator software developed by OtelMS is not just high-tech software. In creating this service, the Company relied on its own long-term and successful experience of the hotelier, having managed to obtain a unique product that “understands” the nuances of the hotel business and solves emerging problems of any level of complexity.

Our systems as a complex solution are perfect for any type of hotel facilities, facilitating the work of administrators of hostels, mini hotels, large and small hotels, boarding houses, sanatoriums and even private apartments for rent.

Well-established and error-free work of the administrator, automated with the help of the OtelMS program, is a guarantee of improvements in all indicators of the hotel’s work. Several thousand hotels from around the world have already seen this, confirming that hotel software from OtelMS is able to increase the profit of accommodation points in the first six months of its use.