Reputation module

Reputation module

Increase the profitability of your business by controlling customer loyalty and building brand authority with the help of high technologies.

In the modern “digital” world, the online reputation of the hotel comes first, and how the Internet “speaks” about the brand will depend on its demand among the target audience. Therefore, effective control over the impact of customer reviews on the hotel’s reputation and timely work with negative comments directly determine the profitability of the enterprise.

The special service of the OtelMS system, the Reputation module, will help you in managing the online presence of an accommodation facility, constantly increasing customer loyalty to it and the attractiveness of the hotel among potential customers.

According to market research, guest reviews are more important to travelers today than great service rates and incredible extras. When clients choose a temporary residence, over 90% of them take it seriously, often not giving a “second chance” to properties with bad reviews online. At the same time, 60% will not contact the brand at all if they didn’t find reviews from previous guests.

With the help of the module, hoteliers can not only show their interest in guest reviews and opinions, but also successfully manage their online reputation.

The timeliness of reactions to negative reviews, the transparency of your attitude to the opinions of visitors, building strong feedback, publishing the necessary information and the ability to analyze the mass of opinions are guaranteed to have a positive impact on increasing the level of trust in the hotel brand, demonstrate its competitiveness, increase guest loyalty, and hence business profitability.

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