Apartment hotel management system

Renting out apartments, if you provide daily rent, is not as a simple thing as it might first appear. The remote location of accommodation points and a great variety of them makes it impossible to control everything. Therefore, it is necessary to receive and impart information online.

It is impossible to control the working process of an apartment that is located remotely especially if you provide daily rents, so the best decision to cope with this task is the apartment hotel management system that offers management and income generation.

What does the apartment automation solutions give?

Online apartment booking system allows you to get information from any place in the world using mobile devices. Apartment booking software for daily rent does not have to be installed only on one computer at a special place; you can use it for check-in or checkout the clients at every apartment. The hotel apartment management software makes it possible for every client to book the chosen flat without moving inside the city. The owner of the business can monitor it online, generate the reports and statistics data for any period or do other things with this program.

You will see significant results of the apartments booking platform work in a month and will not want to work in a manual mode any more.

Automates routine tasks

Saves time and reduces costs

Increases hotel loading and profit

Hotel automation system OtelMS

Proven, useful, reliable.
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The usual problems of apartment daily rent

If aparthotels management system for daily rent is not installed, the business faces challenges:

  • there are difficulties in renting out the apartment because you cannot show all kinds of objects you have;
  • waste of time and other expenditures if you show different apartments;
  • there is inconvenience in recording the client’s data manually when the apartment is chosen;
  • loss of time in sales channels servicing or loss of profit if you ignore them;
  • loss of information or important nuance because of absent-mindedness and forgetfulness of the staff members;
  • reduced control and it is not possible to get a full picture of the business.

Apartment management automation solves all these problems

Using apartment booking engine you will never worry again about your presence at every place simultaneously and be able to manage your business from any place in the world delegating the tasks and control important things.

The price of the apartment reservation system software for daily rent pays for itself because the costs of expenses and loss of profits are far above. Moreover, in our OtelMS system you can choose appropriate tariff and services you need.

Complex automation program for daily-rent apartments contains the following elements:


The main system manages hotel stock, services, tariffs, payments, automates most of routine tasks, and generates the reports.

Channel manager

It runs the channels of external sales, carries the information on available hotel rooms and prices.

Booking engine

It allows to place online booking on any site and in social networks, syncs up to the main system.

Hotel website

Create hotel website with the function of online booking with adaptive design and convenient management.

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