Holiday home management software

To be successful in business every holiday home, recreation center or sanatorium has to take into account clients’ demands and to respond to their needs at the highest level. For holiday homes, it is notably to have the possibility to get the main and additional services without long bureaucratic procedures and to book a room from any point of the world. The clients should be sure that they could come and have a real rest.

High demands of the service level together with extra facilities impose a number of duties on the staff so only the software of online booking system for holiday home, holiday cottage, recreation center, sanatorium can easily help to keep control and achieve the right level of services.

What does the holiday home solutions give?

The more diverse the service offerings are, the harder it is to manage the process in a manual mode. If you use separate programs or simple tabulation tool, you will get lost in the number of figures and mistakes are inevitable. Most of the routine work be automated, holiday cottage management system will simplify the working process and many functions can be performed without the staff.
Computer holiday home, sanatorium program helps to focus on the customers, services without wasting the time on small operations. Do check-in and checkout, room reservation and extra services in one click. Seasonal changes of the tariffs, special offers and discounts, check-in for groups and any additional services such as breakfast in your room, renting hours in sauna or the reservation sight seeing guided tours are possible with the recreation center software. Thanks to this program, your clients are able to choose the facility and the room they like beforehand. Posting and updating information on the sales channels is made almost immediately.
The significant results of the work of holiday house booking system can be seen in a month and you will not want to work in a manual mode any more.

Automates routine tasks

Saves time and reduces costs

Increases hotel loading and profit

Hotel automation system OtelMS

Proven, useful, reliable.
Free demo-version for 30 days with a full set of functions will allow you to appreciate the convenience of hotel management software solutions in practice.

The usual problems of a holiday home, sanatorium

If there is no introduction of automation in holiday home, recreation center, the usual problems for business are:

  • longer time and lower-quality services for clients, dissatisfaction is the result;
  • increase in the cost of the personnel, to cope with the tasks on time;
  • lost applications and clients information because of forgetfulness of the staff or a big data stream simultaneously;
  • overbooking or idle rooms in a holiday home;
  • misuse of payments by the staff, omitting cash register;
  • reduced control because it is impossible to get a full picture.

Holiday home management software solves all these problems

With the holiday home booking software you will not worry about loss of time, overlaps, client dissatisfaction, manage the work of the holiday home or sanatorium from any place in the world, and delegate the instructions.

The price of the holiday home online booking system pays for itself because the costs of expenses and loss of profits are far above. In our system OtelMS you can choose appropriate tariff and services that you need.

Complex online holiday cottage booking system is good for sanatorium and recreation center to and involves the following elements:


The main system manages hotel stock, services, tariffs, payments, automates most of routine tasks, and generates the reports.

Channel manager

It runs the channels of external sales, carries the information on available hotel rooms and prices.

Booking engine

It allows to place online booking on any site and in social networks, syncs up to the main system.

Hotel website

Create hotel website with the function of online booking with adaptive design and convenient management.

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