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Small hotel management system

It is often considered that mini-hotels that have a small number of hotel rooms and low level of sales do not need automation because it will be unreasonably expensive. It is that belief that does not give the opportunity to get large profits now and hampers the development of business in future.

Low business volume does not remove the requirements to provide high quality service and control the process of work. So only hotel management system for small hotelsallows using all the opportunities of the automation without unnecessary expenditures.

What does the small hotel automation solutions give?

If you keep a record using separate programs or simple tabulation tool, then small hotel has to pay wages to additional staff members because each operation takes hours or even working days. Nevertheless, for hotel shortens the processing time to minutes and many functions perform the online reservation system for small hotels without the members of the staff.

Points of accommodation that have a small number of rooms and provide minimum services have to be automated but on a smaller scale. Using simple hotel reservation systems for small hotels, it is possible to combine all functions on one computer or implement separate functions on different ones and have online access to them for your convenience and significant savings. These functions are check-in and check-out, your favorite “chess board” for booking rooms, posting and updating information immediately on all sales channels, required reports, storage of clients’ database and many others.

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reduces costs

Automates routine

Increases hotel loading
and profit

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The usual problems of a small hotel

If such hotel has not booking systems for small hotels, the business faces challenges:

  1. waste of time because of a manual mode of work and as a result large expenditures on the staff
  2. loss of data and applications because of forget full of the staff members
  3. Longer time and lower quality services for clients, as a result- dissatisfaction of customers
  4. misuse of payments by the staff, omitting cash register
  5. cost increase including a variety of losses
  6. consequently – lack of free resources for small hotel development

Small hotel management automation solves all these problems

Using online booking system for small hotel, you will never worry again about lost applications or overlaps and manage the work of a small hotel from any place in the world to delegate the authorities if it is needed.

The price of the small hotel booking system pays for itself because the costs of expenses and loss of profits are far above. In our OtelMS system you can choose appropriate tariff and services that you need.

Complex program for small hotel includes the following elements:

Front Desk

The main system manages hotel stock, services, tariffs, payments, automates most of routine tasks, and generates the reports.

Channel Manager

It runs the channels of external sales, carries the information on available hotel rooms and prices.

Booking Engine

It allows to place online booking on any site and in social networks, syncs up to the main system.

Hotel website

Create hotel website with the function of online booking with adaptive design and convenient management.

Google Analytics


House Keeping


Wi-Fi Manager