Internet users authorization

The WiFi Manager module is a modern solution of the OtelMS system for wireless networks, the advertising and analytical capabilities of which allow you to effectively work with the target audience.

Simple identification of users by pin-code (issued upon check-in or during their stay) at one of the points of the system provides automatic “recognition” and identification of the guest in the future. Additional services, working with such customer data as, for example, profiles on social networks, provide effective targeting of advertising on the Internet, analysis of the opinions of the target audience, and obtaining reliable feedback.

In addition, only your guests-residents of the accommodation facility will be able to use the network, which will ensure a high-quality, non-congested Internet connection.
The WiFi Manager module is compatible with all modern networks, has the ability to control, monitor and administer points.

The data of guests and employees is processed and stored by the system, in compliance with all legal requirements for the storage of personal information.

Internet users authorization

WiFi Manager allows you to provide your guests with a WiFi Internet service that has the ability to authorize network users, display ads tailored to a specific audience, and monitor and analyze data.

The module provides guest access in full compliance with the legislation of the Russian Federation on the mandatory identification of users of a public Wi-Fi network, identifying users using a special pin code that is issued upon check-in or during the guest’s stay.

Serious amounts of fines for non-compliance with the law, untimely issuance of information at the request of state bodies, violation of the storage standards for such information and other offenses will become impossible due to the automatic control of the module of all necessary processes. Wi-Fi Manager saves the authorization history of guests in the form of special “authorization reports”, which will allow you to quickly provide the necessary information in cases of inspections by regulatory authorities.
The module’s marketing services by analyzing open user data and monitoring feedback from the target audience provide effective ad targeting and reliable feedback.

By using WiFi Manager, you not only comply with the law, but also provide additional attractiveness to your property, connect with your audience, and even earn money from advertising.

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