Hotel sales channel management system

Hotel channel manager

Direct sales of hotel services, including timely sale of vacated rooms, via various OTAs, eliminating overbooking risks and of human errors manifestation, are another priority task of any accommodation facility.
These issues can be effectively solved with the hotel booking channel manager – special software developed by OtelMS helping you easily and quickly integrate data from a website to the following popular resources:

  1. Expedia;
  3. HRS;
  4. Airbnb;
  6. and many more;

Channel management software hotel

The channel management software hotel deployment enables the hotel facility to successfully work with more than forty popular online booking sites, automatically updating them with information on prices and rates, and the availability of free places. Now guests will be able to order the apartments they like quickly and easily, wasting no time on phone calls and receiving a guarantee of registering their order. Competent organization of the accommodation facility interaction with these channels is a laborious process that requires maximum attention and time from personnel. Vacated places identification and their selling, timely discontinuation of sale of already booked rooms, control of changes in services rates, as well as changes in accommodation categories – the work associated with the risk of overbooking or the room unoccupied period. Such risks increase all the more when you interact with several similar online resources, and these tasks fall on the shoulders of the personnel.

Hotel channel management system

Communicating with just a few of these sites with an average of twenty client orders per day, each taking an employee at least ten minutes, can easily take half of his working time and create many risky situations associated with the “human factor”. The unique OtelMS’s hotel channel management system will not only help to eliminate such errors forever, but also release employees from routine tasks, allowing them to focus on other aspects of work, especially on the guests’ requests and needs.
Our provides assistance in solving other important problems of the business, such as:

  1. substantial expense trimming;
  2. 100% exclusion of “human factor” errors;
  3. rapid increase in the amount of supply selling;
  4. noticeable saving of working time;
  5. timely display of all current changes to the accommodation facility information on partner sites;
  6. quick offer to purchase vacated places;
  7. elimination of the risks of overbooking and important information duplication.

Hotel channel management system

After six months of using free hotel channel manager software, you can significantly increase purchases of your objects supply (by at least 20%), effectively cooperate with leading booking channels and receive additional benefits:

  1. opportunity to post information on all booking channels that cooperate with OtelMS, including new ones that are constantly being added;
  2. global management of rooms and services selling within one system;
  3. general clear interface of the system;
  4. opportunity to control and dictate your terms and rates for each specific case individually;
  5. effective work with a proven and multifunctional service.
OtelMS hotel channel manager is the program for hotels that will help you to solve the task of uploading booking services.

Reduce your costs

Eliminate errors

Increase sales

What you will get:

  1. time savings significantly
  2. immediate reflection of all changes in the system and channel manager for multiple properties
  3. all available rooms are always on sale on all channels
  4. avoid any duplications and up-to-date information
  5. online booking system integration excludes the risks of overbooking
  6. interaction with the most popular online travel agency at a channel manager pricing
  7. profitable OTA channel manager integration pricewill increase sale by 20% less than in 6 months.


  1. reliable, multifunctional system
  2. convenient and intuitive interface
  3. single interface instead of dozen systems of work by different logic
  4. possibility to impose own conditions and tariff for every booking channel
  5. dozen sales channels that cooperate with us and constant addition of new ones
  6. synchronization with leading online sales channels using channel manager reservation software platform that works with airbnb, booking com, expedia etc

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