Hotel channel manager

Would you like to sell your available hotel rooms on different sales channels without additional commitment of time spent by the staff and risks of overbooking?

Use channel manager for easy and convenient site integration into, booking com, airbnb, expedia, hrs and other ota, hotel booking api integration, in extranet connection. The work with more than 40 online booking sites is possible using OtelMS channel manager for hotels and hostels. Guests and travel agencies will book hotel rooms without undue telephone calls and for the updating of the information for tariffs or booking you need not waste your time.

Usually sales organization of hotel services and interaction with several booking websites take a lot of efforts: put on sale available hotel rooms, remove booked rooms on time, monitor the changes of prices and control particular conditions. And if you have them more than one, it will be the most difficult task to coordinate the work of sales channels that takes a lot of time. When you have 10 booking sites it takes, on average, 10 minutes to arrange a registration, but 20 applications a day occupy a half time of the working hours! This time can be used more efficiently paying attention on guests or focusing on other important issues.

OtelMS hotel channel manager is the program for hotels that will help you to solve the task of uploading booking services.

Reduce your costs

Eliminate errors

Increase sales


  • time savings significantly;
  • immediate reflection of all changes in the system and channel manager for multiple properties;
  • all available rooms are always on sale on all channels;
  • avoid any duplications and up-to-date information;
  • online booking system integration excludes the risks of overbooking;
  • interaction with the most popular online travel agency at a channel manager pricing;
  • profitable OTA channel manager integration pricewill increase sale by 20% less than in 6 months.


  • synchronization with leading online sales channels using channel manager reservation software platform that works with airbnb, booking com, expedia etc;
  • dozen sales channels that cooperate with us and constant addition of new ones;
  • general sale administration in a single system;
  • single interface instead of dozen systems of work by different logic;
  • possibility to impose own conditions and tariff for every booking channel;
  • reliable, multifunctional system;
  • convenient and intuitive interface.



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