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Hotel automation software

In order to be successful any hotel has to take into account the needs of its guests and provide them with services of high quality. First, it means rapid occupancy of the hotel rooms without unnecessary bureaucracy and the opportunity to book a room in advance from any place in the world. Anyone should be confident that it is possible to have a real rest after arrival. The hotel tries to minimize the complexity of further services offering the flexibility built into payment for them.

The necessity to satisfy the requirements of the clients imposes a number of demands for the hotel staff, services and periods, so only the hotel management automation allows keeping all the process of work under control and getting the right quality level.

What does the hotel automation solutions give?

If you use specific programs or simple tabular format for many years, then hotel management system solution will be seen as magic. The work, used to spend hours or days before, could be done in minutes. Many functions of hotel software solutions performed without the involvement of the staff!

Hotel automation software will get the registration of a new guest using step-by step scheme, check-in and checkout, reducing the pressure on the receptionist. If a guest reserves hotel room online, HMS hotel management solutions allow that the application form, containing all the data, will appear in the system! There is a convenient “chess board” that shows a full picture of hotel stock and allows to change the categories of rooms, tariffs and setting. Besides hotel systems solutions make available to updated information on all the sales channels immediately. You will have automatic reports and statistics data for any period, database storage of the guests, online control of the work in a hotel and much more.

You will see the results in a month and will not want work in a manual mode any more.

Automates routine

Saves time and
reduces costs

Increases hotel loading
and profit

Hotel automation system OtelMS

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The usual problems of a hotel

  1. Low capacity of hotel rooms or overbooking
  2. Cost increase, including loss of profits
  3. Less control, it is impossible to see the full picture
  4. Any abuse on the part of the staff, sales in circumvention of the cash register
  5. Prolong time of customer service, queues and as a result, dissatisfaction
  6. Data and applications loss because of forgetfulness and absent-mindedness of the staff as a consequence of a large data flow at the same time.

Hotel management automation solves all these problems

You don’t need to worry about lost applications or overlaps, and if you wish at any time you can control the state of affairs regarding your hotel from anywhere in the world and to respond quickly if it is needed.

Company OtelMS is a professional hotel automation provider and offers the best solutions for hotels. The price of installation of automatic management system is fully justified because the costs of unnecessary expense are much higher.

Moreover, among OtelMS software you can choose the convenient hotel automation system price and services that you need.

PMS - System

The main system manages hotel stock, services, tariffs, payments, automates most of routine tasks, and generates the reports.

Channel Manager

It runs the channels of external sales, carries the information on available hotel rooms and prices.

Booking Engine

It allows to place online booking on any site and in social networks, syncs up to the main system.

Hotel Website

Create hotel website with the function of online booking with adaptive design and convenient management.