Booking engine and Channel manager for hotel

Channel manager and booking engine are suppliers of services can successfully use variants of modern technology for renting of accommodation and effective automation of the working processes in a hotel business.

Channel manager e booking engine are in both use by small private hotels, hostels, large hotel chains, world famous hotels, holiday homes and other objects of hospitality industry.

In spite of the similarity of the tasks that channel manager and booking API, these components of the hotel management system have different “spheres of responsibility” for the attraction of the potential clients.

Whilst the cross booking channel manager of hotel system makes it possible to synchronize with popular OTA that are the main providers of guests to any points of accommodation, modules of hotel channel manager booking system help clients to reserve a room directly on the hotel website.

Which technology is the most effective?

To have uninterrupted work of the hotel business, it is important to change and update the data of a hotel stock and tariffs on time. It can be controlled with the help of a hotel booking channel manager that displays information on all the sales channels used by a hotel in due time.

The aspect of safety of private bookings are made by the guests on the hotel website is equally important. This ease of use is possible if you have a hotel-booking module. This reservation channel manager guarantees safety of payments and avoids overbooking. It boosts clients’ loyalty to a hotel, increases the number of direct sales and gives positive result in profitability of the business.

Despite the advantage of direct reservation, the booking automation channel manager is also necessary because it allows the users of popular sites to book any hotel room without visiting a hotel website. This is only possible with the help of a reliable OTA channel manager.

Combine these systems to win!

According to recent researches, online booking comprises 65% of the world hotel reservations. Thus, for every point of accommodation, the reservation of the rooms using the booking engine or simple booking channel manager is an individual thing, but the common tendency to book hotel rooms via the internet does not give the chance to ignore the importance of these technologies.

We recommend combining these elements and installing a hotel booking engine channel manager when you equip your hotel with a management system.