Hotel management services software

[:en]The soft that provide the management of a hotel business are important, necessary and popular software nowadays. The opportunities that HMS hotel software provide hotel management with are to make the work of any point of accommodation convenient and unmistakable. Avoiding excess strain on the staff, HMS software for hotel analyze the work of the hotel facilities, control the work of the personnel, implement changes to existing figures and tariffs for services, communicate with sale channels or websites on the internet and provide an easy access for booking to the clients.

Everybody knows that the automation of any hotel begins with the installation of HMS hotel management services. Today the appropriate world market segment suggests a variety of HMS systems to choose from. However, when choosing the relevant hotel guest service software, you should pay attention to the quality, functionality and potential of a suggested product.

Any business owner must be sure that the HMS hotel management software he has bought will function properly, beadaptive to the systems used by the hotel and its site and provide reliable communication with OTA. The hoteliers also should take into account that the obsolescence of the programs is a very rapid process and the installed system has to be updated regularly without any problems and make it possible to add extra programs if they are needed in the future.

OtelMS Company provides hotel web development services. Unique easy hotel management system OtelMS is a high-quality product the effective use of which can be approved by 4000 hotels all over the world.

While creating its convenient and modern hotel guest service software, developers have paid special attention to interoperability of the software with other programs and equipment taking into account such things as simplicity of its installation and easy way of training to work with it. In addition, the HMS system has a great potential for improvement, its server will take any updates of the program in the future and serve as a base for extra software.

Providing its reliable hotel management services the company draws on its own experience as a hotelier. It has allowed making a unique product, a real smart program that can cope with any objectives that have variables in hotel business.

As to the interface of the system, besides its contemporary design, the developers took care of its comfortable use. It is made in the shape of a “chessboard”, the matrix that is traditionally used to reflect the process of many hotels.

Entrusting the automation of hotel business to OtelMS services the clients will get:

  • automation of a business with the opportunity to update it;
  • the greatest possible efficiency of your site;
  • well-liked communication with popular OTA;
  • simple and comfortable work of a system appreciated by the clients;
  • avoiding all mistakes made by the staff, problems of overbooking and idle hotel rooms;
  • improved brand recognition;
  • increase in the number of sales of hotel rooms;
  • high rate of direct sales;
  • professional support from the developers and technical support service.

The effectiveness of the work with the OtelMS system can be seen in the first months that makes it to be popular. The service is one of the three product – leaders in the ratings in sales in the countries of Europe.