Hotel reception computer programs

A hotel starts with a reception desk and this puts a special responsibility on the members of the staff – the receptionists.

This isn’t just about the receptionists who are the first representatives of a hotel staff that the guests meet when they arrive at the place. They are charged with the task to register and check-in the guests. At the reception desk a manager or a receptionist has to reserve hotel rooms, get payments and prepare different reports. The duties and responsibilities of a receptionist include:

  • meeting the guests and checking-in;
  • filling in the registration forms of the guests;
  • providing keys to the hotel rooms;
  • resolving a number of issues for the clients (taxi calling service, consultancy, room-service Restaurant and Bar, calling a repairman etc.);
  • checking out;
  • printout of the invoice relating to the stay;
  • taking a payment for staying at a hotel and other additional services.

It is quite difficult for one or more people to cope with all these tasks without making mistakes and delay while checking–in. So, nowadays the work of a receptionist is automated, the reception desk is equipped with a computer, multimedia telephone system and modern hotels use different hotel reception programs in order to facilitate the work.

Application of OtelMS hotel reception computer programs increase the labor productivity of a receptionist and provides the time for communication with the clients and guests.

Hotel reception software, developed by OtelMS, is a high-tech decision for any hotel business. This clever hotel manager system would take over all routine work: it fills in registration forms, saves clients’ history, manages the occupancy of hotel rooms and accumulates a lot of useful information that helps to analyze the work of a hotel.

While developing hotel manager software, OtelMS Company, being a successful hotelier, uses its own experience that is why their PMS systems provide unmistakable implementing tasks in different activities.

Using hotel receptionist program, the staff of a hotel is not distracted by data recording, preparing reports, completion the necessary forms, but focuses on the guests and their urgent issues.

Besides, hotel receptionist software allows to avoid many mistakes specific to a human factor, prevents delayed payments, double booking or overbooking. The system synchronizes with many other programs that are useful for successful business, provides necessary information for the potential clients, visitors of the hotel website, the staff and hotel management.

OtelMS PMS hotel management system is a unique software that can be used to fulfil any task of a hotel objects. Our clients have the right to choose the systems with the components which are specific for their business, without the programs they do not need. Upgrading the system functionality constantly, the company develops the product that is always relevant and can be improved and updated in future.