Internet booking engine for hotels

Modern society “has been living” on the Internet. Virtual online space helps people to learn more, to study, to earn money and, of course, to entertain themselves.

Tourism and hotel business are not exceptions, today it is difficult to find a hotel that does not have its “online embassy”. However, it is not enough to present your brand on the internet in order to make a point of accommodation a sought-after place among the target audience. A sophisticated consumer wants to have maximum comfort, so the hotels that provide online booking have become more popular and preferred by the clients.

Special hotel internet booking engine (IBE) allows a guest to reserve a hotel room from any place in the world, in spite of the time of the day, has become “must-have” for any point of accommodation that wants to develop itself.

Judge by yourself, how archaically reserving a hotel room looks today when it is made with the help of the telephone. Besides, this way of booking is followed by a risk to make a mistake. It is known that a human factor is the weakest point in any working process, and if a hotel worker receives the order on the telephone, there is a high probability of overbooking or other unpleasant situations for clients that have a negative impact on the reputation of a hotel.

OtelMS extranet web-based booking engine is not only convenient for your guests but secure operations for a hotel as well. Online booking engine for website allows to install the button “To book’ on the hotel resource, and will give the guests the opportunity to reserve any hotel room easily and do not worry about the safety of their payments and maintaining of reservation.

Hotel booking engine providers – OtelMS Company creates technological development, it is easy to install and adapt it to different programs and systems on your site. Hotel web booking engine company OtelMS is a recognized leader in the hotel software market and its products are used in many countries of the world.

After the installation of the booking module on your website without any modification, you can work with the sales channels that are interesting for your business and be present at the most popular social networks.

This online booking engine for hotels is not simply a fad or satisfaction of clients’ demands. The opportunity to book a hotel room on your site is the right thing that helps not only to increase visits to the place but boasts a number of bookings that is profitable for any point of accommodation.

Our online hotel booking engine solution is good for any type of hotel objects and gives such advantages as:

  • to sell hotel rooms from own hotel site and social networks;
  • to increase a number of direct sales by 30% during first months of using this module;
  • to avoid mistakes and save time;
  • to boost the loyalty of your clients and a number of visits.

The automatic management by internet booking engine for hotels allows you to change the tariffs and the important information that will be altered on all the sales channels immediately. Hotel booking engine is also saved you from overbooking and avoiding the idle hotel rooms caused by the staff.