Hotel guest registration system

Have you ever thought of a guest’s comfort in a registration process and the time spent by the staff to register a client at a hotel, youth hostel or a sanatorium? Moreover, do you really know something about the hotel guest registration software?

Manual registration is a very concise process. It is data-intensive enough even if we do not take into account the necessity for clarification of some details, creation of copies of papers, a certificate of temporary residence of a client and other documents that are the compulsory procedures in this case. In so doing, the staff members have to make no mistakes and in correct and competent way to do the paper work to send the documents to State bodies for control. Nevertheless, it is also necessary not only to process paperwork but also to send all papers within the period laid down by the law.

In addition, there are unpredictable situations of overbooking or when a guest wants to change a category of a hotel room; the staff should solve these tasks as quickly as possible if they know the occupancy of the hotel rooms exactly at this moment. Indeed, these overlaps influence the guests’ loyalty and bring financial loss to a hotel. Besides, without modern hotel registration program the staff, loaded with routine work, cannot keep track of the tariff changes for services and see all the vacant rooms immediately after checking out the clients to avoid the idle rooms that can reduce the profit.

OtelMS hotel guest registration system developed for hotels, youth hostels, private apartments and other objects of hotel industry will help to prevent these problems forever.

The installation of this hotel registration software allows carrying out the checking-in operations automatically and provides you with the following aspects:

  • the work of the receptionist;
  • tariff management;
  • hotel property management;
  • data storage system about clients;
  • generating and sending reports to fiscal authorities.

Hotel registration system will help to facilitate the work of the staff members, to focus their attention on the clients’ needs and to increase the profitability of a hotel.

Modern OtelMS PMS system is simple to install and manage, it is adaptable to any hotel software and popular booking channels; it will represent a 20 per cent increase in sales for the period of half a year of its use.