Hotel room booking program

OtelMS online hotel room booking program is a simple and convenient service, with the help of which the accounting and control of the state of your room stock that is carried out automatically. This excludes the possibility of overbooking and other undesirable situations for the hotel reputation.

Our seat booking program will help to solve the problem of the prolonged idleness of vacant rooms, excluding the notorious “human factor” in controlling the state of the room stock. Such timely submitted information about hotel rooms significantly increases the guests’ ability to book apartments that they liked.

OtelMS room reservation program has a convenient interface in the form of classic registration tables – like a chessboard. Following the general principle of working with this type of tables, the program for booking rooms allows to control the state of the room stock, cleaning and room services, and delegates tasks to employees online. Such automation effectively reduces the workload on staff and presents online information about the hotel processes.

Convenient and easy to use accommodation booking program will help you immediately get answers to such important questions:

  • was payment made or not?
  • have guests any special wishes?
  • do early or late arrivals/ departures take place?
  • what is the status of payment for room at the moment?
  • list of guests, who are planning to stay in the room and their contact information.

Seat reservation program includes different reports about all the important processes of hotel work. Reports that automatically generated and updated allow you to respond on time to emerging situations. Booking a room in the hotel automation program becomes simple, convenient and possible for guests. Using OtelMS booking module allows to increase the percentage of direct room reservations from the hotel website.